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10 Sep, 2009

Email hack for less than 50 bucks! — Professional hacker provide services to retrieve email password

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You probably might have read the news at The Washington Post.

Password Hackers Are Slippery To Collar

In short, Elaine Cioni was convicted and now serving a 15 month jail term for unauthorized access to computers among other crimes. It all started with the 53 year old woman, then living in North Virgina, who became overly obsessive over her philandering boyfriend and made attempts to pry into his emails with the help of professional hackers from for just only $100 US dollars. With such readily available facility, it’s no surprise that she proceeded to obtain email passwords of her boyfriend’s wife, girlfriends and his two children.

You might have heard of this kind of news pretty often. Nothing is really secured these days and it probably never have been. Just ask Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor’s personal Yahoo email account was also hacked into by a group of computer hackers. The hockey mom lacks a little something in her intellect department by setting an open book answer to her secret question. Being a public figure, it’s not difficult for the hacker to figure out her date of birth, her postal code, and information about where she met her husband.

Hacking emails is more than just a monkey business now that it has gone commercial. is just one of them. There are many more out there like and which charge only 20 pounds per password (about US$33), and presenting themselves with professional looking websites that provides FAQs and various payment options. They are also some freelancers who introduce themselves in forums and chat rooms. Most claim to be capable of  hacking into almost any kind of web mail accounts (Yahoo’s ymail, Google’s gmail, Microsoft’s MSN/hotmail, AOL, AIM etc), retrieve their passwords and deliver them to you. No advance payment required. In fact, you only pay after they present you with the proofs that they have successfully hack into the email. This certainly is a very useful services to use against any cheating boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

So, is there any way to stop anyone from hacking into my email account? The truth is there isn’t really one fool proof method to completely stop hackers from sneaking into our electronic privacy. But a few steps can be adopted in preventing or reducing the chance of  unauthorized inflitration which I will mention in my next post.

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