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18 Sep, 2009

Solution: PhpED “Incompatible version (3.2) of debugger module is detected. Please upgrade it to version 3.6 and make sure phpinfo() reflects the changes.”

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The problem:

Current configuration:

  • Nushere PhpEd version 5.6 upgraded from 5.2
  • PHP 5.2.8 and above
  • Windows XP and above
  • Apache 2.2

If you have just recently upgraded your NuSphere PhpEd from version 5.2 to version 5.6, you may have problem getting the PhpED’s debugger module to work. In my case, it prompted me the following message when I clicked on the “Run in debugger” mode.

PhpED incompatible debugger prompt

I ran the phpinfo() to verify the debugger version number that is currently running on my machine and here’s what I got.

phpinfo shows phped debugger version no

As indicated, the phpinfo() shows that version 3.2.10 is the current version of the debugger which is not the right version (3.6) that comes with Nusphere PhpED version 5.6.

The solution:

In the NuSphere PhpEd version 5.6 installation, in addition to the PhpEd IDE installation, it also comes along with two PHP packages, PHP4 and PHP5. The selected PHP package installed is a separate copy to the one you already have installed in your system.

  1. Stop your Web server, Apache services or IIS, to allow files to be copied to the php’s folder.
  2. Locate the PhpEd installation directory and look for the “extensions” folder located within the PhpED’s copy of the PHP installation. For example, if you have leave the installed folder as default and you have selected to install PHP 5, the extension’s folder path will be “C:\Program Files\nusphere\phped\php5\extensions”.
  3. Look for the file dbg-php-5.2.dll. Copy the file and paste it in the extension folder of your installed PHP. The extension folder of my actual php installation is located in “c:\php528\ext” and that is where I copied my file to. You may also remove the old debugger module file php_dbg.dll-5.2.x.
  4. Open and edit the php.ini in of the your actual php installation. Search for the text “extension=php_dbg.dll-5.2.x“. Replace the text with “extension=dbg-php-5.2.dll” without the quote. If you have never enable the PhpEd’s debugger, just add the latter in.
  5. Restart your Web Server.
  6. Run the phpinfo(), you should now see version 3.6 at the dbg section.

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