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21 May, 2010

Solution:Bookmark toolbar missing or disappear in Firefox

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If you happen to have installed a new firefox extension or addon to realize to your dismay that after restarting firefox you find that something is amiss. Yes, that’s right, your bookmark toolbar that has serve you so well has gone MIA (aka missing in action).
Well, you are in luck, because here’s a few simple steps to get your toolbar back.

  1. If you see an empty toolbar at the top of the firefox, you can skip this step. Otherwise, right click at the any space on the menu bar of the firefox. A pop-up menu will appear showing a list of toolbar with ticks on the left. Make sure you have tick on the left of Bookmarks toolbar or you can select it to make the bookmark toolbar visible.

  2. Right click again on the menu bar of the firefox and click <Customize…>

  3. On the Customize toolbar window, look for the <Bookmarks> icon. Note there appears to be two bookmarks button. Select the one that looks like a blank page (Not the one that looks like a book with a star on it).

  4. Hold it and drag onto the empty toolbar and release.

  5. Viola, your bookmark toolbar is back!


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