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10 Jun, 2011

All print jobs jammed on a network printer, unable to cancel – Resolved

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This situation may occur on a printer over a network whether it is a home network or company/business network. Many of us may shared one single printer with a few computers via a network. There are two ways to share a printer over a network, it is either by connecting a non-network printer to a computer and shared the printer or connecting a network capable printer to the same network.

Chances are if one print job got stuck in the queue, the rest of the print jobs will be unable to proceed and be jammed in the queue as well. If you try deleting the first print job that is stuck and nothing happen with the print job that is still appearing first in the queue, here’s what you do.


  1. Be sure to perform the following steps on the computer which is directly connected to the printer. If you are using a network printer, you will do these steps on the computer which is responsible for sharing the printer over the network.
  2. Click on “Start” button or the Windows button for Windows Vista and 7 (and above)
  3. For Windows XP, click <Run> and type “cmd” (without the quotes). For Windows Vista/7/above,¬† type “cmd” at the “search”.
  4. A DOS command window will appear and at the prompt, type “net stop spooler” and press <ENTER>. Let the command complete it’s process. Once completed, you will see the prompt and cursor awaiting the next command.
  5. Type “net start spooler” and press <ENTER> and similar wait the command to stop.
  6. Close the command prompt window and it should be fixed.

If you are deleting the first print job in the queue that first got stuck, it will be deleted and any print jobs jammed in the queue will proceed to print.

The above solution apply only for computer where the printer is connected locally to. If the printer is connected to a remote computer, you will have to stop and start the print spooler remotely on the remote computer. Read How to start/stop Window services such as print spooler on a remote computer.

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