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19 Jun, 2011

Solution: Speaker has constant annoying high pitch squeal sound

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There are many reasons that could be factored in for the cause of high pitch sound coming out from the speaker. Before assuming that your speaker could be faulty and it’s time to replace one, you might want to try this solution.

There is a possibility that the annoying squealing sound could be coming from another input source such as the microphone or the Line In. So to find out the input source that might be causing the problem,  turn it off one by one until the squealing sound disappear. Firstly, to eliminate the possibility that it could be coming in from a microphone, unplug the microphone from the computer and if the sound persists, do the following.

  1. Double-click on the speaker(volume) icon on the right hand corner of the taskbar or go to Control Panel and open/double-click on the <Sound and Audio Devices> and then clicked on Advanced. A Master Volume Control Panel dialog will appear.master volume control panel dialog
  2. Be sure that you are seeing the Audio Output panel. To do that, click on <Options> at the menu of the Master Volume dialog and select/click <Properties>.
  3. At the mixer device combo box, make sure you select Audio Output. Depending on the type of sound card you have, the number of volume controls may varies. Checked all the checkboxes and click <OK>master volume properties
  4. You should now see all your volume controls with a Mute checkbox at the bottom of each panel.  Leave the Wave and Master Volume Mute unchecked and begin checked the Mute checkbox of each volume control  one at a time until the high pitch sound disappear.

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