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26 Jul, 2011

How to Google search within more than one website

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There are instances when you would want to search for something on a few particular websites instead of every sites indexed by Google on the internet and here’s what you can do.

Example on searching in multiple websites using Google:

Search term: Wedding dresses

Sites to search in:


In the Google search box use type:

wedding dresses OR OR

Explanation of search terms:

site:domainGoogle will search only in websites indicated by the website domain followed by the search time “site:’. (Note that there should be no space between the term site: and the website address)

OR site:domain - Use this in addition to the above to search within more than one or multiple websites. (Note that the word OR must be in captial letters)

You can use the above method in Bing and Yahoo to search in multiple websites as well.

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