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26 Jul, 2011

Using Baidu to search in mutilple websites

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Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. It is the China’s equivalent to the world most popular search engine Google.

I have just mentioned on how to search in more than one website using Google, Bing and Yahoo in the following post

How to Google search within more than one website

Baidu also has similar function except that the search term used is slightly different. Using the similar example as the article above, let’s see how we can do this with Baidu.

Example on searching in more than one websites using Baidu:

Search term: “ian stuart”

Sites to search in:


In the Baidu search box use type:

site:( | site:( “ian stuart”

Explanation of search terms:

site:(domain) - You must specify the websites address to search within first before entering the search text. The website domain must be inside the parenthese ( ).  DO NOT leave them out!

| site:(domain) – In Google and “OR” is used, but in Baidu you use a “|” in replace of OR to include other sites to search from.

Limitation of Baidu

At the time of this post, I discovered Baidu has a limitation of the number of letters you can enter into the search entry box and that is 76 characters including spaces. Any letters that exceed beyond that will be omitted. So be sure you kept the search text in no more than 76 letters. This is probably because Baidu is designed as a search engine to be used to search in chinese/han characters although I think they should allow for more letters.

In the Chinese language  (Han characters), less number of characters are used to represent a word as compared to languages that used roman letters such as English.

This limitation will include special search term such as the “site:(… )” .


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