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19 Aug, 2011

How to share the whole drive in Windows 7

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Share your entire drive over the office network or your home network with the rest of your family and friends with these simple steps.

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. On the left pane, select the drive you want to share and right mouse click.
  3. On the right click context menu, select <Share with> and then click on <Advance Sharing…>
  4. You will notice the <Share> button is disabled under the Network File and Folder Sharing section. Not to worry, in the Advanced Sharing section,¬† click on <Advanced Sharing…>
  5. At the Advanced Sharing pop up dialog, click and tick in the box <Share this folder>
  6.  Enter the Share name you wish the shared drive to appear on another computer. Example PC-AmyRoom shared drive. Click <Apply> and the drive will be shared.
  7. By default, the drive shared is read-only. Files cannot be written or modified from another computer or user on this shared drive. To enable, read-write operation, click on the <Permissions> button in the Advanced Sharing dialog window.
  8. The Group or user names will only showed Everyone in the list. You can add more users to the list, but if you wish everyone to share this folder as read and write, go to the Permissions for Everyone section and in the Allow column, tick on the Change box to allow writing and modification of files or tick on the Full control box to allow deleting of files as well.

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