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27 Sep, 2011

How to view hidden files and folders in Windows XP

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Hiding files and folders is useful to stop any prying eyes of other users checking out what files you have while using your computer. To a certain extent that is. Unfortunately, unless you are the only administrator of the computer, other administrator will still be able to view the hidden files. If you do not know whether you are able to view hidden folders/files, open Windows Explorer and go to the following directory: <C:\Users\XXX> (where XXX is your Windows login username). Check to see if you can see the following folders: Application Data, Local Settings, Nethood etc. Hidden folders and files are displayed with an folder icon in lighter color than visible files as shown in the below diagram. Hidden files and folders

  1. At the Window Explorer menu, click <Tools> and then click <Folder options…>
  2. At the Folder Options dialog, click on the <View> tab.
  3. At the Advance Settings, you will a list of items with check boxes. Scroll down the list and you should see a folder called <Hidden files and folders>

    folder options

  4. Select <Show hidden files and folders> and click OK to apply the settings. You should now be able to view hidden files and folders.

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