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05 Nov, 2013

Solved – Where is my Youtube Inbox & Comment page?

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Ever since Youtube  integrate with Google+ functionalities, they have made a couple of changes to the user interface and some of you guys like I was, will probably be confused about where the heck did your Youtube Inbox go?  The Youtube Inbox page is where you can also access to your “Personal messages”, “Shared with you”, “Comments”, “”Contact notification”, “Sent” and “Address book”.

Previously, you can access the Youtube Inbox at the home page at the right hand corner where you can easily see the “Inbox” shortcut or link somewhere below your login Id or username. Now, the Inbox shortcut link has disappeared from the home page and instead of a one click step to your Inbox, you have a 2 step process. So here’s how you can access your Inbox.

  1. First, you will have to login to Youtube with your username.
  2. At the Youtube home page (usually at
  3. At the right hand corner, click on your username. You will see a expanded bar displaying playlists and shortcut links at the right such as “My Channel”, “Video Manager”, “Subscriptions” etc.
  4. Click on “Video Manager” or
  5. Look at the menu at the left hand column, scroll down the menu and you will see “Inbox“. Click on it and you are now able to access the Youtube Inbox page.

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